This is your main page content. It is the most important for SEO purposes. You should include all the keywords you would like to focus on for the page in this area.

This area has a lot of flexibility and you can even use custom HTML here.


Columned Content

You can add columns of content in different widths.

You can add anything to a column by using the editor buttons.

Columns are a great way to display features or products.


Narrow Width Text

Narrow width text is a good option for a consistent, focused text block that is easy to read. For any of the flexible element blocks, you can add a background color to the “section.” This allows you to break up the page visually with backgrounds that extend all the way to the edge of the pages. You can also add buttons to most element blocks, like below:

Click Here!

This is a big ol'


With a Button

By using these page building blocks, you can start to build dynamic pages that will work on any device and stay consistent with the rest of your site’s design!


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