With the dynamic nature of the construction industry, R. B. Hash & Associates, Inc. uses a variety of resources to carry a safety-first mindset, all facilitated by our in-house Safety Manager. One of those resources includes our proud membership in a Captive Insurance program. As a member, R. B. Hash must maintain a strict safety culture and be held to a higher safety standard.

Our Safety Manager is proactive in communicating our safety standards to all parties involved in a project.  Since being a Captive member, R. B. Hash’s EMR has fallen to a .63, allowing us to participate in a broader range of projects.


Continually Training in Safety

NARI Safety Trainings

As a NARI member, R. B. Hash’s employees are required to complete a minimum training of eight hours annually. In house trainings include, but are not limited to Fall Protection, Electrical, PPE, Material Handling, Ladder Safety, Fire Protection, HAZCOM, and Defensive Driving.

Third-Party Trainings

Certain job tasks and field-specific work require additional employee training. This includes but is not limited to Forklift, Boom Lift, All Terrain Lift, CPR, Torch, and Rigging.

Monday Tool-Box Talks

R. B. Hash conducts a mandatory Monday meeting for all company employees to review a selected safety topic. This allows for direct conversation related to any current job site concerns and an opportunity to highlight positive, safe work.


Fostering a Culture of Safety


R. B. Hash maintains a culture that is focused on respect and communication to ensure quality work with safe working practices is accomplished every day.

Annual NARI Safety Manager Meeting

All Safety Managers involved in a Captive Insurance Group through NARI attend an annual committee meeting to review industry updates, including OSHA regulations and changes.

Safety Audits

Captive members undergo random, monthly project site safety audits, conducted by a third-party safety consultant. These inspections ensure that a higher level of safety is maintained, while also mitigating risk. In addition, our in-house Safety Manager performs weekly safety audits of our project sites.


With a plan in place, every work site can be a safe work site.